3P's - Prices, Policies, & Practice

Lessons are usually for 30 minutes. 

Monthly fee is $90 paid by the first lesson of the month. Hourly lesson or two siblings fee is $150 paid by the first lesson of the month. There is an annual book fee of $60.00. This fee includes books, supplies, magazine, worksheets and materials. Payments can be made by check, cash or PayPal. Failure to pay will jeopardize your right to have a lesson.

I do teach year round. There are 3 semesters: fall, winter/spring, summer.
Scheduling: I teach four afternoons a week (Monday-Thursdays). I usually teach from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. My scheduled is limited to afternoons due to teaching at a private school, family time and church activities. If you are interested in lessons, please call 601-947-6734 or email me from my "contact" page. I currently have a waiting list.

I currently have students from three counties: George, Greene, and Mobile.

Age Requirements
Piano:  I will teach children starting at age 4; but most students do better starting at a later age around 8 years old or older.
I do teach adults and have taught some in their 80s.  I usually teach lessons to adults and homeschoolers in the early afternoons.
Voice:  Preferred starting age is middle school. The student must be aware of their body to be able to understand breathing techniques.  I usually suggest that those younger take piano lessons so they can learn to read music well helping make voice lessons more productive and become a better musician.  I like my piano students to sing-along with their playing to help with note reading, sight reading, and listening skills.

Practice Requirements
Required minimum practice for 30 minute lesson is 30 minutes a day / 5 days a week.  95% of success is in the practicing!
Piano students must have access to a piano daily.  See blog on piano vs. keyboard.
Each student (child) is required to participate in the Christmas and spring recitals. They are also required to attend the group lesson. The group lesson is like 3 bonus lessons. We usually have two group lessons per semester. Piano competitions are optional but highly recommended.

Length of Study
To become a great musician, lifelong learning is required. It takes at least 4-5 years before a student starts to sound really good. After that period of time, the student starts learning how to be an independent learner/musician. It takes that long to develop skills to improvise in jazz and hymns. To be a great musician, you must have the desire and willing to stay in it for the long haul.  It doesn't happen overnight no matter how much talent you have. Anyone can learn to play the piano if their willing to practice. It does come easier for some than others, but all, over time, can achieve the same level of success.

Reasons for Taking Lessons from Me
I am qualified to teach. I have a college degree in music education! I have much experience in various settings - church, choir (adult and children), music classroom, and private. I have taught all ages from 4 to 82 and have taught for 25 years. Students love playing music games on my iPad! I try to make learning fun!