I use a variety of curriculum for piano students.  I have a solid, systematic teaching method. I teach people how to read the language of music! My students are very well versed on music knowledge/terminology. As the student progresses out of the basics, I customize according to interest and needs.  I usually insist on technical exercises and classical selections.  We can add jazz, hymnology, pop, easy listening, etc.  I like variety so I teach many different styles of music and love to create and improvise. I can teach improvisation of hymns.  Many of my students learn hymn arrangements early on to be played for church services and special occasions. Publishers that I use regularly are Alfred, Faber & Faber & Hal Leonard.  

I use a curriculum designed especially for 4-5 year olds.  It is especially designed for kindergarten age and includes piano skills, singing, dancing and coloring. Starting at a young age must be a family activity and will not guarantee a better musician any quicker.  An alternative at this young age is Kindermusik.   I highly recommend for parents of preschoolers to find a Kindermusik teacher. It is an excellent introduction to the world of music.

Theory is very important to me and one of my strengths.  I teach theory in the lesson and the student has theory homework each week.  I reinforce theory skills with a computer program of games and in group lessons.  We have group lessons at least two times a semester.  During group lesson, we play song selections for each other to reinforce performance skills and note reading and rhythm games.  If time allows, we study a composer and composing.

Voice student's curriculum is customized around student's preferred style of music with emphasis of breathing techniques, intonation/pitch, diction and enlarging range.