Parent: "Why I want my child to take piano lessons"

I read a blog recently from a fellow teacher (Susan Paradis) that was so TRUE! Parents have various reasons for their children to participate in piano lessons.

Here are the reasons that she mentioned with a few comments of my…


Help! My Child Wants to Quit!

Every child has a bad day every now and then, sometimes a bad week and even sometimes a bad month and forbid it, a bad year. Children have to be guided with their choices. They cannot see the end result…

iPad apps that I love!

My Favorite Music Apps! That I use repeatedly!!!! All these are apps for iPad only. There is very little apps for Android or Kindle.

PIANO MAESTRO by Joy Tunes- It is the ultimate app for playing! It has a series…


 I heard this quote from the movie "Playing Father." He was a professional trumpeter who turned to teaching. He told his band students "Live to practice. Practice to live!" Such a good motto! If you want to be good at…

Piano versus Keyboard

I am asked often from a parent about the feasibility of their child just practicing on a keyboard instead of a piano. This is a tough question that has many pros and cons. My ultimate preference is an acoustical piano…