iPad apps that I love!

My Favorite Music Apps! That I use repeatedly!!!! All these are apps for iPad only. There is very little apps for Android or Kindle.

PIANO MAESTRO by Joy Tunes- It is the ultimate app for playing! It has a series of chapters that gradually add a note but they are songs and not random notes. It has a library of over 400 songs and new ones added each week. It has several piano method books so a student can play-along on songs they have learned, fully orchestrated. It has a Home Challenge button where the teacher can add songs to the student's iPad to work on home. When the student is registered with the teacher, the teacher receives a weekly report on how much the student has played and what songs they worked on the most! The students LOVE this app! You can play the songs on your piano or keyboard (which everyone prefers) or on the screen if not near your piano (so students can practice anywhere!).  Works on iPad only. Just email me for a PDF how to download this app for FREE!

Noteworks - notes slide across the staff and the player chooses the correct letter before it gets burned! If they get it correct, Munchy eats the note. It is a game that kind of reminds you of Angry Birds. They have a free version which works for a beginner but to unlock the other levels you will have to purchase it. Works on iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

MyNoteGames - very rewarding and "smart" app! The app recognizes pitches. It displays a note on the staff, you can play or sing it. If you play or sing the note correctly, it "rewards" you with a gold medal! Instant reward and satisfaction! The students light up when they receive a gold medal!

Flashnote Derby - is a racing game against time to answer notes correctly.  I like it because you can choose which notes need more help practicing. You can choose two notes to work on or twenty notes. Works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

PianoFlash! - music note cards. Twenty flashcards are presented. You play the correct key. It is timed. I use it for our One Minute Club. 5 Levels. Only works on iPad.

Erol Singer's Studio - Voice Lessons. It has warm-ups, and pitch training (how accurate is your pitch?). Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


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