Help! My Child Wants to Quit!

Every child has a bad day every now and then, sometimes a bad week and even sometimes a bad month and forbid it, a bad year. Children have to be guided with their choices. They cannot see the end result or consequences of their decisions many times. As a parent, you have to have your mind made up about extra-curricular activities and piano lessons. The parent that comes in with the mindset "we are in it for the long haul" will more likely succeed. Music unlike sports is a lifelong learning process and gift. With sports, your body wears out over time. Students are usually excited first about piano lessons until they realize that it can be hard work and sometime have to give up some "free time."  Practice is so crucial! A practice routine is a must for any success. Piano lessons are not just for enrichment. It requires dedication on each member's part: parent, child and teacher. Each child has times of wanting to quit (even I had my moment one time!) This is when the parent has to kick in and say let's keep on going for a little longer. I couldn't tell you how many adults have told me they wish their parents would not have let them quit! Sometimes a break in the summer is necessary and good. The student comes back realizing that they really want to continue and usually comes back with a whole new outlook. Many students are overwhelmed with too many activities: soccer, baseball, gymnastics, dance, Girl Scouts, etc. It is best to limit one's activities so they can learn to be good at that activity versus not very good at many activities and poor dedication to any of them. An excellent article on the students wanting to quit at various ages is highly recommend to read (click & paste) written by piano teacher Theresa Chen. She points out that many students quit at the verge of having a phenomonal, musical, growth spurt. You have to determine want is my motivation and ask yourself "Why am I taking piano?" 
As a teacher, I try to keep the lessons fresh and interesting. When we have a waning of interest, I try to find some music that sparks that motivation again. Sometimes the concepts are hard and difficult to overcome and I find new ways to give time to soak in. I've noticed with group lessons that they give the student interaction with other of similar interest and provides built-in motivation.

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